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Galvanized Single Twist Mesh


Mesh made of galvanised wire with a tensile strength of 40-55 kg/mm² and a minimum zinc coating of 60-70 g/m².
Supplied in 25 or 10 linear metre rolls. Full truck-loads of uncompacted 50×14 mesh available on request.

For technical specifications and product dimensions, please refer to the printed catalogue.


Metal meshes are one of the most popular security options due to their versatility, price and quality. Both the single twist mesh and electro-welded mesh are excellent materials for metal fences and gates for enclosures.

Single Twist Wire Mesh

Single twist mesh is very popular because it adapts to all terrains, environments and uses. It is very easy to handle, as it can be cut, sewn, spliced and processed in different sizes. And it is low cost, very resilient and safe. These advantages make it a good choice for enclosures of all types of farms and installations.
Diamond-shaped mesh woven with wire in a single twist. Galvanised and sold in different diameters and with a variety of accessories to meet different needs. These metal meshes can be plastic coated and a polyvinyl chloride coating added to prevent corrosion by rain, dirt, ageing and weathering.
In addition to farm fields, sports facilities and other applications, single twist mesh gates are ideal for gardens and terraces.
The characteristics of single twist metal meshes make them the ideal solution for all types of enclosures.