Manufacture of Metal Fences and Metal Enclosures


Manufacturer of metal fences and enclosures

One of our activities is the manufacture of metal fences and enclosures, which are widely used to protect different types of premises and control entry and exit.

Indusmetal Torres,

30 years with you

Indusmetal Torres, S.L. formed as a company in 1990, for the main business of manufacturing and marketing posts for metal enclosures and shelves, simple twist-type mesh and other metal accessories. We are a family business and are still wholly owned by the Torres Montes Brothers, who also work as the company’s managers.


We have the solution you need

Contact our technical department. We will be pleased to advise you about the product to best suit your project.

There are several types of models to suit different requirements. And these would be their main features.

Quality and value in Metal Enclosures and Fences.

One of the features of our work is to always find the most cost-effective solution. That’s why we offer, on the one hand, the quality of a safe job well-done, and on the other, the guarantee of a fair and affordable price.

In general, these are common materials, not too specific. And, while the work requires effort, it’s not extremely complicated. That’s why it’s easy to carry out these kinds of tasks.

Industrial Metal Enclosures

This type of equipment is mostly used in industrial and work spaces, which is why we have specialised and focused on the industrial field. Industrial enclosures are very common for several reasons. To begin with, because they ensure safety at work and that the area is properly protected. And, on the other hand, because it prevents intrusions and robberies that could disrupt work on the site.

These enclosures cover large areas in a simple way and perfectly delimit the industrial site.

Swimming Pool Enclosures

Another, visually more appealing model, is for swimming pools. These installations emphasise delimitation and safety. Swimming pools at home and for public or private use are one of our specialities. The enclosure must provide privacy and delimit the site, and this is an excellent way to do it.

Sports Enclosures

Our work with swimming pools is also applicable to other types of spaces. When practising a sport it is very important to properly delimit the playing field. Whether it’s tennis, basketball or football, it’s important to know which areas are part of the pitch. And sports enclosures serve precisely that function.

Children’s Playground Enclosures

Finally, children’s playgrounds are another of the spaces for which metal enclosures are usually used. In this case, they are designed to ensure protection. These models are smoother and much less harsh, with flatter shapes. A safety measure to mark out the area intended for children.

In summary, these are some of the fields we work in with metal enclosures. As we work directly in the manufacture of metal fences and metal enclosures, we work with these models, but there are many others that we make to suit the needs of all levels of trades.

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